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Meet the team.

Chris Y.

Chief Executive Officer
Lead Senior Architect

Chris’ “Love Story” with Salesforce first started when Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” was just starting to climb the charts.
An inveterate tinkerer and Perl Monk at heart, Chris nonetheless has expanded beyond just a developer. Whether providing leadership and training to those still new to Salesforce, or taking on advanced concepts in Solution Architecture, Chris always brings a unique holistic view and breath of humor to any project he meets.

Ileana A.

Senior UI/UX Developer

Once a digital nomad coding out of a wide variety of cafes and hotels worldwide, Ileana has settled down with us as a Salesforce Developer.
She calls upon a broad range of education and experience, from Mechanical Engineering through to full-stack Ruby on Rails, to make her current role in building custom Lightning Components shine.
Quick-witted and possessing a keen attention to detail, her exceptional talent with JavaScript and CSS create front end experiences whose beauty rivals the exotic landscapes photos she shares.

Alex J.

Senior Developer

Our Salesforce Developer extraordinaire, Alex, is a Lightning Web Components specialist with a passion for creating dynamic user interfaces.
When he’s not crafting code, he’s sharing adorable puppy pics on Team Slack.
With extensive experience in the public sector and financial industry, Alex ensures your projects are not only efficient but also compliant with industry standards.
Plus, as a lifelong 49ers fan, he brings the same level of dedication to your Salesforce solutions, making your journey a touchdown.

Phylicia T.

Project Manager
Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce has the remarkable power to fuel transformative career journeys, and Phylicia’s story is a testament to this phenomenon.
Having once donned an apron as a grocery store cashier, Phylicia embarked on a new path when she discovered the world of Salesforce. She began her journey by self-learning the platform’s basics through Trailhead, and it didn’t take long for her potential to shine.
Today, Phylicia stands as a seasoned Salesforce Admin and Business Analyst, a far cry from her cashier days.
With a sharp eye for detail and a penchant for keeping developers on their toes, she’s an indispensable part of our team, showcasing the true magic of career transformation powered by Salesforce.

Melissa s.

Director of Delivery
Salesforce Administrator

An artist at heart and a designer by training, Melissa brings her diverse background into her work on Flows and UX design.
A graduate of Cornell’s Fine Arts program, she has applied her creativity in a wide variety of endeavors from illustrating children’s literature through to patent diagrams before discovering Salesforce as a means to coordinate sales for her own line of plush creations.
Now a veteran admin, every day she continues to use her discipline and aesthetic sense to bring beauty to both what’s onscreen and the automation beneath.

Juliana L.

Creative Director
Salesforce Administrator

Juliana is not just a Salesforce Admin; she’s also a professional photographer who’s captured thousands of portraits through her lens.
With a smile that can light up a room and a knack for the art of photography, she brings a unique perspective to her Salesforce expertise.
You could say she has the power to make your Salesforce Org “say cheese,” and while it might sound corny, it’s also the kind of playful ingenuity that sets her apart.
What truly lights up Juliana’s day, though, are Salesforce fields. It’s her favorite thing about the platform, and she excels at helping businesses navigate the intricacies of their Salesforce data.
As a “convert” to the Salesforce ecosystem, her main focus has been on emerging technologies with Salesforce, such as Einstein AI.


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