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In this episode host Chris Yau talks to Peter Seckler about his job teaching online classes and making tutorial videos. Peter shares his love for creating comics and talks about learning from mistakes and staying motivated. They discuss the importance of practice and the satisfaction of seeing physical copies of one’s work. Peter stresses the benefits of taking classes and receiving tough criticism for improvement. They touch on balancing digital and traditional art methods, the convenience of digital tools like iPad’s for comics, and the fear of messing up at work. They also talk about the decline of genuine creators and planning for retirement, emphasizing the value of empathy in team dynamics.

What happens when you answer the “Get Paid to Play Video Games” ad?
In this discussion Davrick Hayes, a dedicated QA engineer, delves into his journey within the QA field.
Davrick brings insights gleaned from his entrepreneurial ventures, the establishment of Forge QA, a pioneering QA staffing firm, and Six Figured Out, a bespoke career coaching service.
Throughout the conversation, he underscores the imperative for QA professionals to possess a comprehensive grasp of their company’s ethos and product offerings to execute QA duties effectively.
The discourse delves into the strategic importance of how and when to properly involve QA in the development process, as well as what to expect in your own QA career.
Forge QA
Six Figured Out

SteveSpohn dives into his journey as a streamer, stressing the value of community over numbers.
From Twitch monetization to tools like StreamElements, this episode underscores engagement and accessibility. Exploring his work at AbleGamers, Steve champions inclusivity in gaming, explaining how and why he tackles challenges in the nonprofit sector.
Join us as he shares insights on donor relationships, charity finance, and the vital role of motivation in making a difference.
⁠Steven Spohn⁠…

Melvin delves into his transition from sales to becoming a Salesforce Admin, reflecting on the hurdles of job hunting in a competitive field.
Sharing insights from his tenure at Yelp, Melvin explores the pandemic’s influence on his career trajectory.
He sheds light on the journey of mastering Salesforce administration.
Melvin explains the significance of leveraging resources and fostering connections within the Salesforce community.

Chris Yau interviewed Alex Jader, a Salesforce Developer, about his background and experiences in the industry.
Alex shares how his educational background prepared him for the role.
He highlights the complexity of the system and the importance of domain knowledge.
This conversation covers topics such as code clean up and documentation, pride in work, challenges for entry-level developers, and the lack of self-starters in the industry.